An active member of folk-rockers Union Duke and folk-grassers The Barrel Boys, Rob McLaren's quirky songwriting style has always stood apart from the crowd. His 2019 debut release “Rob McLaren II,” is the first full-length album of original material from the multi-instrumentalist. Named for his great-grandfather (making him Rob V for those keeping track at home), Rob McLaren II showcases the breadth of Rob’s musical aptitudes and experiences, occupying a cozy nook between old-time, honky-tonk, and newgrass, while featuring dizzying chops on a small heap of instruments. The songwriting is alternatingly sincere and silly, at times giving a nod to John Hartford, elsewhere evoking the subtlety of Red Headed Stranger-era Willie Nelson, or the tradition-minded collaborative spontaneity of the Highwoods Stringband.